Idea Home Show

Idea Home Show takes a political look at how residents and practitioners working between art architecture and activism are proposing solutions for alternative models for living.

The full Artist Tea Towel Company collection is displayed in the exhibition, and for sale in the MIMA shop.

Displayed through four shows;

Assemble Granby Workshop: Products and Processes – Granby Workshop is a small-scale enterprise in Toxteth, Liverpool as part of a ground-up regeneration programme. Developed by artist and architect group Assemble and residents, its products use local materials in simple, inventive processes.

A Room of Our Own looks at the home as a political site and demonstrates how artists can contribute to making useful and enjoyable living spaces.  It asks how, in post-industrial Britain, we can take control over our lived environments through cooperative production and creative thinking.

The Housing Question addresses social issues relating to housing across the twentieth century and in the present.  It features art, project case studies, writing, film, printed matter and archive materials dealing with living conditions, architecture and urban spaces under capitalism.

Untitled (City Plan) displays works from the Middlesbrough Collection which look at the problems of place-making and cultural identity within the development of the urban landscape.